Artificial Intelligence – The engine of your business transformation

The scariest and saddest face of the COVID19 pandemic is deaths. However, we have entered a no less critical period: the impact of the virus and its effects on the economy, income and employment. If even large companies will face challenges in the short and medium term, let alone small, micro and startups, whose cash reserves and debt capacity are much more limited. Many small and medium businesses will close their doors if they do not adapt to the new normal, resulting from changing habits, procedures and routines. In this “new world” people are moving less, interacting more virtually, worrying more about physical and mental health, working more from home or safe environments, with less agglomeration, buying more services and products over the internet, looking for alternative sources. Internet-based income earners and face-to-face service costs have increased significantly as a result of health security measures. But how to change and in what direction?

What should drive change for every business is the customer experience. Every business must think about how to create the best possible experience for its customers when they look for, acquire and use their product or service (offer). The search, acquisition, delivery and use of the offer must be facilitated, the satisfaction in the acquisition and use must be greater than that provided by their peers. The customer has to feel that he is buying from the right company, that he shares his values and personal aspirations, and this is only possible if he knows who he is going to buy from or is buying from. The product and service, purchased with a high degree of convenience, must correspond to expectations, and after-sale support, a major source of frustration, must create the certainty that they have not been left to their own devices after “betting” on the company. But how to build this experience?

We, Axondata and Solvia, can help you. Together, we can provide the tools, search and analyze data, extract information, provide insights and build transformation plans towards an experience that results in growth. The Axondata has the Somma artificial intelligence platform that can be used, for example, in the construction of solutions that assess feelings and perceptions of the target audience, allowing targeting campaigns and messages, making recommendations based on habits, automating processes making interaction with the most efficient customers, who extract market intelligence from information inside and outside the company, among others. Solvia has tools and methods already used in different businesses that allow the identification of previously neglected opportunities for differentiation, the construction and conduct of transformation plans and, if necessary, can assist in the search for capital to finance the transformation. Our goal is to help you through this and other storms with the certainty that our success will make you stronger and more competitive. Look for us to find out more.

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