Training center is a low/no code platform, that is, it allows the building of highly complex analytical applications without having to program, just by inserting and connecting components in a data stream.

In order for you to become skilled at building analytical applications in an agile way, we created our Online Training Center in data science and machine learning with

The main objective of the Training Center is to provide the necessary training so that managers, analysts, data scientists, students, researchers and people with basic technical background can use the platform efficiently in their daily lives.

Training with

Data analysis

Data Analysis Training Program with

In this program you will see how to perform the main tasks of data analysis (ETL, descriptive analysis and visualization) using
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Structuring Analytical Projects

Program for Structuring Analytical Projects

The objective of this program is to introduce proprietary methodology for planning and structuring analytical projects.
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Machine Learning

Machine Learning Training Program

In this program you will see how to build ML applications using the Analytical Platform, emphasizing clustering, classification and regression tasks.
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Recommender Systems

Training program in Recommender Systems with

In this program you will have access to the basic concepts of the area, in a simple and objective narrative, and you will see how to develop three different recommendation engines using
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Text Analysis

Training Program in Text Analysis with

In this program you will see how to use to analyze texts, emphasizing tasks such as structuring documents, building word clouds (tag clouds), sentiment analysis, topic modeling, document classification and clustering.
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Custom Components

Custom Component Building Program

This program brings two simple examples of how to build custom components in
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