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Build AI analytics solutions for any need, without the need to know how to code, using, the first AI platform in Latin America that…

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For your company

The platform allows you to quickly build AI analytics solutions for marketing, pre-sales, sales, shop floor operations and other business processes. With it, it is possible to extract knowledge from data and automate processes to increase revenue and reduce costs and risks.
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For the team leader empowers and makes your team more productive. With it, the use of AI is expanded within your organization. It is more knowledge generated to support decisions.
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For the business analyst

With you develop the AI solutions you need autonomously. Evaluate data, gain insights and make decisions without waiting for support from the data team, programmers and AI experts, and without having to repeatedly explain your project and goals. Do not waste time! Increase your productivity by dedicating yourself to what matters.
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For the engineer, data scientist or programmer

Build AI solutions using the native components or build your own components using Python. Test models without worrying about choosing parameters - does it for you. Automate processes by inserting your AI solution into the decision flow and test hypotheses quickly.
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For the AI student or researcher or freelancer

Learn or consolidate your knowledge of AI by building analytical flows in an intuitive way, visualizing how processing occurs. Explore data and get results quickly. Expand your service portfolio and generate more income using a flexible and scalable tool that adds value to your customer.
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For the freelance data professional and AI companies

Expand your service portfolio and generate more revenue using a flexible and scalable tool that adds value for your customer, reduces the time and cost of Proofs of Concept (PoC), trains your team in data science and quickly test hypotheses.
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Simple to hire and easy to use!

Discover and our Data Science and Machine Learning Training Center with

Our mission is to bring Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge obtained from data to everyone in a simple, fast and accessible way.

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Axondata is now!

Dear customer, user, supporter and friend, Axondata is now! Reflecting the evolution of our flagship product, the Somma AI platform, our culture, our customer

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