A Brief History of AI: Where Are We Going – 2020++

EPISODE 03 – WHERE WE’RE GOING: 2020++ (Maybe you’re just interested in what we have to say about the future of AI, but if you came to this episode from the previous two episodes, congratulations, you’ve walked a linear path from this brief narrative about the history of the area. In case you are coming […]

Artificial Intelligence – The engine of your business transformation

The scariest and saddest face of the COVID19 pandemic is deaths. However, we have entered a no less critical period: the impact of the virus and its effects on the economy, income and employment. If even large companies will face challenges in the short and medium term, let alone small, micro and startups, whose cash […]

A Brief History of AI: Where We Come From – 1940 to 2020

A BRIEF HISTORY OF AI: WHERE WE COME FROM, WHERE WE ARE, WHERE WE ARE GOING! (I was given the mission to tell the story of Artificial Intelligence (AI), from its origins to trends in the area. Despite working with AI as a researcher for 25 years and as an entrepreneur for 16, the question […]

A Brief History of AI: Where We Are – 2000 to 2020

EPISODE 02 – WHERE WE ARE: 2000 to 2020 (In our first episode we brought a brief account of the origins of AI (1940 to 2000) focusing on some historical landmarks in the area. If you haven’t read it yet, I invite you to start your reading there before reading this post.) The first two […]